I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for quite some time, but I’ve been afraid. I know: why should I be afraid? For one, there are so many excellent blogs about online marketing, and affiliate marketing, and then, I am always second guessing myself.

But, I’ve been working online for about 9 years now, and though I’ve had many the ups and downs, I’m still here.

I hope that some of my experiences will help and even inspire some of my readers to take action and keep going.

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  1. I’m glad you decided to go ahead and start this blog because everyone connects differently with people and to be honest I learn something new from each Internet Marketing teaching blog I follow. You will not always have the same experiences as others so I think it will be great for you to share your experience with others.

    And for me in particular, I have ‘known’ you online since I started way back when with direct sales. I trust you and that is why I will personally follow you and be interested to learn from you. Make sense?

  2. Adriana,I have been trying to learn now for about a year and I think staying focused has been my biggest enemy. I am now trying to get my Dimedecorating.com site to profit. I to have went from one thing to another chasing the dream. I to often forget that the things I need most I already have. good luck and I will definitely follow you because I want to see you get to where you want to be. Good Luck.

  3. Adriana, I saw your post on the Elite Forum and popped in here. I love your writing style, very easy to read and I’m left wanting to learn more from you.

    I’ve yet to reach the success of daily income AND I certainly am familiar with the outlay. Much success to you and to all of us who will learn and succeed as a result of what you will be offering.

    And, yes, we do have to remind ourselves, at least I do, simply to take action… even only one gets me going.

  4. Great Post Adriana. Hope to be reading more from you. I know all to well the shiny object syndrome. Don’t like to think of what I have lost.
    Keep up the great work.

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